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3. Sharp Portraiture, Adventure and Nature Photography, providing services from an award-winning photographer with a photojournalist's eye and an easy-going approach that makes him a welcome addition to your special occasions.

About Sean Sharp
Sean is the man behind the camera at SPAN Photography. A self-professed adventure seeker, he came to photography as an outlet for his creative spirit during his attendance at the University of Evansville in Indiana.

While earning a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications, Sean found his passion for the outdoors to be well aligned with his eye for natural beauty. Trips to Central America and numerous U.S. National Parks provided Sean with initial opportunities to hone his craft and document stunning landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and wild animals in their natural habitats. Although Sean’s wife Marybeth occasionally laments his unwillingness to photograph animals in captivity (she loves the critters at the zoo), Sean is a conservationist committed to encapsulating images from remote locations in the natural world and making them accessible to others.

Beyond his penchant for adventurous excursions, Sean practices his artistry through studio portraiture, engagement sessions and wedding photography. An ability to photograph the essence of his human subjects is evident in Sean’s lively headshots, portraits, and caught-in-the-moment candids.

As friends and family will tell you, you can't allow Sean’s down-to-earth demeanor and humility deceive you. He’s an award-winning photographer with more than a decade of experience behind the lens. From his vivid images of tree frogs and slow shots of soft cascading water to ruminative landscapes and ethereal sunsets, Sean’s talent is unmistakable. He hopes you will enjoy perusing his galleries online and consider the possibilities of using his services in the future or purchasing prints for your personal display.

About Marybeth Sharp
Marybeth is the cheerleader and coordinator behind-the-scenes for SPAN Photography. She's the voice behind many of the communications and PR for SPAN, and she often helps keep Sean on track during events. Most likely to be engaging subjects in conversation, ticking off items on a clipboard, and offering ideas, Marybeth aims to support Sean's artistic endeavors. For some events, Marybeth also wields a camera to capture background, detail, and additional candid images.

In her "day job," Marybeth is the executive director for a nonprofit focused on creating standards for higher education programs and services. She received her doctorate in college student personnel at the University of Maryland, where she also serves as an adjunct instructor. During her professional career, Marybeth has worked with college student leadership development, service learning, and residential living environments. She considers herself to be an expert on college students.

Marybeth shares Sean's passion for nature and environmentalism. Together, they endeavor to "green" their daily lives and business practices.